And thus begin the new era of internet usage

TWKM (those who know me) knows that I’m lousy at social networking sites.

Okay, not lousy like Grandma Audrey or Auntie Cat Lady, but I updated my Facebook status once every two weeks typically, and never comment on friend’s embarrassing photos, too lazy to often click that damn “Like” button, and of course filling in those loveable quizs floating just about left right and centre.

Of course TWKM and actually observes my Facebook usage would know that everything in the above paragraph is a lie, a lie that has been mostly true (as in truly a lie… am I making sense?) for the past week.

Being home bound leads to many problems, one of which is too much time at your hands, often misspent. My time over the past month has truly been misspent on youtube, last week on Facebook, yesterday on Bejeweled Blitz. And last hour has marked a new low, which I dictated as a new “era”. I joined Twitter, I even texted to twitter my second update. (My dying regret though is that my first message on twitter is a reply to Ant for trolling Twitter (is that an oxymoron? (Am I using too many brackets? (No, wait… I have now…)) Time will tell))

And of course, over the past few minutes, I’ve been writing my first post to my new blog. First of many hopefully. Brace yourselves, Internet!

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