Answering a Blog ad

Came across an ad today for writers for a blog based in York (evidently the county wars extend to the internet domain), and out of naivety and my desire to write, I posted a reply.

Stupidly I forgot to click “email me a copy” so I’m gonna try and rehash what I wrote, in my vain attempt to sound like a promising blogger.

Dear York Blogger

As a British Born Chinese who grew up in Hong Kong, Portsmouth and Wales, I hold no alligence to my Birmingham Postcode. As such would very much like to venture into the exciting world of blogging in York.

I own a computer that’s capable of interpreting my finger dances into legible English. I own a chair that provides hours of comfort while exercising in front of the prior mentioned aparatus… Wait, scrap that, the chair belongs to the landlord, but I will blog on my feet if needs be, should my residence to your York Blog be accepted.

So please indulge me the lowdowns of your project, and we can discuss possibility of collaboration.

Yours truly

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