Reasons and motivations

Being a daily user of Google Reader, subscribed to 40 rss feeds ranging from the useful like Lifehacker; the creative like BOOOOOOOM!; the random like Snopes; the inspirational like PostSecret; and my regular dose of webcomics like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal; I come across many interesting reads and ideas (whether I read them or not is a different story).

One such read, which I stumbled upon last month, which admittedly didn’t read at the time thinking it’d never apply to me, was how to write a successful blog. Of course I will be lucky to be able to find the article now, so I resolved to the next best thing. Whether I’ll be able to disgest and absorb the advice is another matter.

So I started this blogging lark last night after chatting with Scribbleboy last night, whom I first met at a mutual friend’s party but conversation was made difficult with my camera glued to my face that evening. I poked him on facebook as part of my 12-step programme to making new friends (I think it was step 4 – steal my friend’s friends, after step 3 – re-establishing connections with my old friends).

Of course, TWKM knows that I’m OCD and OTT, I’m the kind person who’d painstakingly setup a wiki on his computer to record important information about his friends. I promptly setup this blog, after signing up for Twitter, downloading TweetDeck, linking my Facebook notes with my blog feed, installing ScribeFire and Facebook toolbar. Of course TWKM knows that I have ADD and don’t follow through a lot of things, chances are this will become one of them. Time will tell.

So anyway my resolve is this – I’m going to spend the next week deciding what it is that I’ll use my blog for, be it to set myself challenges like Scribbleboy and his housemate, or to rant review (oh dear I can’t do strikethrough without editing html on blogger!) about the latest flick I watched “for free” with my cinema pass – I’m gonna figure out what I’m gonna blog about.

Meanwhile may I present you with a puzzle to distract you for long enough for the next post:

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