4am Project

Came across 4am Project on Facebook last week. A serious challenge considering I live in Kings Heath and my main mode of transport is the bus or the Number 11 (somehow I feel the reference would be lost in Birmingham and thus the need to link it).

A friend once said the point of photography is to capture what you wouldn’t normally see. I figured 4am Birmingham is not the usual scene for the casual citizen of the West Midlands, and those who straddle the streets at such hours probably couldn’t afford enough attention to remember the next morning. So now a group of us will give photo evidences that “Yes, Birmingham does in fact exist beyond the confine of conscious hours of our daily lives!”

Haven’t fully established how I’d get there yet since the first bus doesn’t run till after the meeting’s over. A friend from Moseley has offered a lift if she’s not too tired from a photo shoot the night before. If not, I’ll be putting these bad boys on and hope my GPS doesn’t fail me.

Probably gonna bring the tripod for some long exposures as well. Will post results!

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