Sophie Hunger – Monday’s Ghost

Stylish black and white photo = me checking out track list

Stylish black and white photo = me checking out track list

After playing Toxicity again on my computer during freeboprich‘s last visit he remembered to “recommend” me some new music. Apparently our compatibility went from “low” to “very high” over night.

Amongst the long list of artists he’s suggested was Sophie Hunger which I finally decided to have a listen to properly today.

Ok, I have to admit it, I’m very visually bias when it comes to music. I’m a visual person. Slap a slapper on a CD cover and chances of me listening is next to none. Stick an indie looking girl or pretty colours on the front and I’d pause at HMV and look at the track list. Not that I’d ever figured out why I do it, it’s not like I can tell what the songs are like by the titles.

Anyway, here I was chilling out after another random video and finally decided I need to take up the music challenge seriously while re-jigging the blog. I love how I was building the music challenge page while I was completely the music challenge.

Now I’m not a music reviewer, I’m not a musical person. The extend of my music review in the past has ranged from “I like” to “I don’t like”. Still, if I have to try, I’ll class this as soft folk. Her voice is soft and mellow, which doesn’t quite compare to the energy I feel when miming to Amy MacDonald’s This is the Life. But soft folk has soft folk music’s place in my quiet Saturday afternoons, I probably wouldn’t be writing or reading very successfully singing along to Let’s Start a Band.

Wait, am I reviewing Sophie Hunger or Amy MacDonald?

Bottom-line: beautiful voice and accoustics not to be distracted by important things like writing or bluetube


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