A week in review

A week ago I was sitting bored in front of my computer watching youtube videos. Today, I have a twitter account, a blog, a video camera, and 10 new developing friendships. Not bad for a week’s work! And to think this time a month ago I was curled underneath my duvet wondering where my life was heading. It’s been an emotional week.

I have to thank my friends for being there for me, you know who you are! Thanks for being there in my time of needs, it’s good to be reminded that I’m not alone (in more ways than one). Also my colleagues and manager have given me infinity patience, understanding and support throughout this difficult time. Thank you.

What surprised me though were the new friends I’ve made over the past few months. Again, you guys know who you are (I hope), and you’ve given me a new perspective on life in various ways. You made me realise that strangers really are just friends I haven’t met yet; you inspired me to believe in myself again, motivated me to pursue my dreams.

So, let’s have a run down of the challenges I’ve set myself and how I’ve done:

  1. Blog regularly – check
  2. Become a film maker – got a video camera
  3. Learn to Drum – recorded myself playing drums on guitar heroes to study my techniques
  4. Learn Sign Language – learn a few british cuss words in sign language (don’t ask)
  5. Take more photos – was going to 4am Project but didn’t, naughty…
  6. Talk to people at parties – not been to a party yet, but going to one this Friday
  7. Go to soical meetups – attended 2 social group meetings in the past week
  8. Improve my diet – bought scale to weigh myself
  9. Watch more films at the cinema – 3 films so far this month, reviewed 2 (one on facebook)
  10. Talk to my friend’s friends – spoke to 1 new person on facebook, agreed to meet in person at some point
  11. Answer random ads on gumtree / similar site and post results – answered 3 ads so far
  12. Diversify my music habits – listened to 3 new albums, reviewed 1
  13. Go on dates with women – nothing yet
  14. Speak to people in real life / phone more – agreed on meeting 2 “new friends” in person, also went out to dinner with 1 new friend

Not bad considering I did practically zippo the month prior.

Other interesting facts about the week:

  • Ate 48 packs of Quavers
  • Discovered “Paper 1.0” is the most energy efficient netbook.
  • Decided to get hamsters for pets next
  • Wrote about myself in 3rd person for about page, really enjoyed it.
  • Updated profile on match.com based on “About” page bio.
  • Found new place to live
  • Discovered Cute Overload
  • Recorded video of myself talking rubbish into camera, and showing it to online friends who have never met me before.
  • Passed Everlong on Expert Drums on Guitar Hero
  • Had a dream about a new trent around the world – cracked windows and mirrors, witnessed rampage in shopping centre. Meanwhile was trying to contain an epidemic of “glass cut zombies”, with a subplot about something else which I’d forgotten.
  • Got retweeted by @postsecret on twitter, and then many others as a result on my #lifeequation

So going back to the question I asked myself a week ago – what the hell am I gonna use this blog for? I’ve figured it out. It’s a blatant rip off of scribbleboy, but I don’t care because it’s a good idea. My blog will be about challenges I’ve set myself to better myself, and my own future.

You will notice under “Categories” there’re numbered items – they’re my challenges basically, to help track progress. So if I look like I’m falling behind on some, let me know!


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  1. keep it up. jake

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