TWKM Time Sink #1 – There’s a Blue Whale in my Bedroom!

TWKM knows that I spend a lot of time on the internet crawling interesting videos, articles, pictures etc. I often come across really interesting stuff but can’t necessarily share it with others easily. So why not collect them into a weekly blog post?

So welcome to the first edition of TWKM Time Sink! The links below might provide you with some amusement if you’re bored on your computer.


Alberto Salván Zulueta photography (through Booooooom!) – Alberto’s photos all carry this haunting stillness, almost as though he’s exploring the very fabric of “still imagery”. He describes his photography as an attempt to explore human presence, seemingly through their absence and what they create and leave behind. Very interesting stuff.

Atticus Jackson photography (through Booooooom!) – There’s something very magical and almost nostalgic about Atticus Jackson’s photos, particularly in the use of light sources and subject matters.

Claire Morgan‘s Floating Installations on B0000000m!  – Very asthetically pleasing and interesting floating installations that portrait order and chaos using objects from nature. I’ve never been a big installation art fan but works like these could easily convert me!

Lane Coder photography (through Booooooom!) – Lane’s photography style mixes in between striking and subtle and all atmospheric. I just love the use of negative space and composition in some of the photos.

Life size Blue Whale in your room – This is random and interesting at the same time, click on “Close” at the top left to understand the page in context.


SOUR – ‘日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)’ music video – SOUR is a 3 man Japanese indie band with a pretty unique sound (to my uneducated ears), but I’m much more interested in their very unique and original low budget indie music videos. Hibi no neiro absolutely blew me away and puts a smile on my face every time I watch it, and it’s damn right inspiring!

Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power? – Interesting political debate about how our society is being shaped by the increased use of robots in our modern world.

What’s in the Box? – Test Film 2009 – An rather interesting first person short film based in the Half-Life world, not the best short film ever but sure beats the hell out of many feature length ones (remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still comes into mind)!

Whodunnit? – Test your awareness with this video. This is one of a few of this type of videos I’ve seen recently, another one I saw yesterday revolves around a neat little card trick.


Birmingham’s Best Budget Eateries (through David Nikel) – An example of many of Dave’s blog updates for the local Brummies, you should definitely follow his blog for other interesting local news (which expands beyond Ladywood) which may or may not have made it to the papers / tv!

Kinn @ The Asylum (through Shaun Joyce Photography) – Shaun Joyce is a talented local photographer who’s not afraid of low light photography at dark music venues. His photography are always full of energy and colour, and I wish him the best of luck becoming a successful full-time gig photographer one day :)

Tango marketing (through “Because of Advice”) – Because of Advice is an interesting West Midland’s blog I came across. I don’t know the mysterious author at all but I really enjoy the little updates which usually comes with an interesting insight into the world of media and marketing.

Misc – What a genius idea! A website that recommends when to go to the toilet during your film going. Might not be for the spoiler weary type, I personally suggest intentional dehydration before going to the pictures.

Springpad – Springpad is basically a quick note taking web-app. I’ve started using it to jog down ideas on my mobile before reviewing them when I get home, and I will review how I feel about the application in time. Meanwhile why not give it a go yourself and see what you think?


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