Mini update

Oh dear, a full week without any new posts… Very naughty…

My excuse is that I’ve been captured by aliens made primarily of selotape (the sticky side out) and they’ve been interogating me for the where abouts of their arch enemies the blu-tac aliens… I made my escape during the suddenly monsoon on Thursday night when I found a velcro suit. I crawled through a nearby warehouse and managed to reach home and setup a business selling tennis balls that I’ve collected on the way.

Once I’ve depleted my stock (which I anticipate will be by tomorrow morning) I will write a proper post to explain what’s been happening this week. The good news is that I’ve ticked a few boxes on my list of challenges, some I hadn’t expected to be able to tick for a long while:

  • Film making
  • Drumming
  • Social Meetup
  • Film Review
  • gumtree ads
  • Dating

Disclaimer: above excuse may or may not be valid and certainly contradicts the next blog post in terms of time frame and events.


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