A year in review, New Resolutions

Oh dear, not hard to see that I completely failed my challenge #1 – blogging regularly.

Ok, so I made a pact with a friend – that if he doesn’t do a challenge, I shall stop blogging. So James, it’s all your fault! But excuse is an excuse, and I suspect the real reason has more to do with real life stuff. I shortly returned to full-time work after my last entry, my social group stuff picked up dramatically, and I met an amazing girl who tolerates my craziness. Let’s review how I did with my challenges:

  1. Blog regularly (at least weekly)
    Oh dear, July was the last entry, with a draft sitting gathering dust for equally long
  2. Become a film maker (long-term)
    Was gonna make a short film, didn’t happen, but must carry on
  3. Learn to Drum (by end 2010)
    Bought all guitar hero games that involves drumming up till Band Hero, became a lot better in general, but no lessons yet
  4. Learn Sign Language (by end 2011)
    No update on this one
  5. Take more photos (at least monthly)
  6. Talk to people at parties (depending on how many parties I go to)
    Haven’t really gone to any parties since July.
  7. Go to social meetups (at least twice a month)
    Organiser of Film Group, done well on this one.
  8. Improve my diet (by end of August)
    Three meal days now, success.
  9. Watch more films at the cinema (4 a month)
    Accumulated probably over 50 cinema tickets since July, safe to say I’ve passed this one.
  10. Talk to my friend’s friends (ongoing)
    Made two new friends of friends over the last few months, but lost touch a bit with a fair few older ones.
  11. Answer random ads on gumtree / similar site and post results (once a week)
    No, not happening after lack of responses in general
  12. Diversify my music habits (ongoing) [freeboprich]
    Discovered a few “new” artists including Florence and the Machine, Gossip, Kasabian being my favourite of the last few months
  13. Go on dates with women (until I get a girlfriend)
    Went on 5 dates with 2 girls, met my current girlfriend on the fifth ^^
  14. Speak to people in real life / phone more (ongoing)
    Not really doing so well on the phone, but managed to have a few good heart to heart with a few good friends
  15. 100 Push Up
    Gave up / forgot

So what’s the plan now? An updated list perhaps which will helpfully be my New Year Resolution!

  1. Blog regularly (at least bi-monthly)

    This is the official challenge I’ve set myself, after making a pact with hexx0r. Point is to exercise my writing abilities, rather than just musing over other people’s wit and intellect with envy. The pact is officially off, so I’m going to try and carry on. This will mean setting myself better routines to find time to blog in fact. I ceased the blogging after returning to work full-time before, no excuses this time!

  2. Story Writing

    At NaNo 2009 I started writing a story idea I came up with the previous year. Ended up coming up with the structure for the story, but unfortunately I didn’t find time in November to finish it, but I’ll try and finish this story over the year 2010, on top of participating in NaNo 2010.

  3. Short Film

    I made a deal with my friend Jen that we’ll make a short film in Autumn 2009 after she’d finished her dissertation. Unfortunately we never followed that through, even though we’ve had the concept for the film. So, the plan is to make it this year, for real! As the story’s already settled upon, it won’t be a duplication of the above challenge.

  4. Photograph (at least monthly)

    A year on since New Year 2008, I’ve finished the challenge, but I will carry on with it. While I’m happy that I did the challenge, I’m not impressed with the lack of artistic challenge I’ve given myself, so I’ll be trying out at least 1 photography outing per month specifically to take photos.

  5. Drawing

    Drawing is just one of the things for me, I love doing it, but I never do enough of it, and end up getting frustrated for never improving (and in fact deteriorating). So here’s the new challenge, draw regularly :)

And that’s it. See you in the new year!