Friday Findings – An explosive start



Starting my 365 blog challenge before having “real internet” seems like a rather dumb idea, but then if someone has to pay for the mistake of climbing out of his mommy’s tummy two weeks before he’d eventually have internet ready 31 years later, that someone would have to be me.

Still, without giving T-Mobile too much credits for giving me “fake internet” with this wireless dongle thingy and pulls internet outta thin air, I’m able to at least upload the two prior blog posts without too much trouble.

The problem is, my appetite for internet usage has naturally shrink to ensure I have enough money to fuel my addiction for drugs and prostitutes. With said limited usage comes limited exposure comes limited material for my first Friday Findings ever.

But you see… when there’s a will there’s a way. So may I present to you, a pretty big picture.


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