Sunday Musings – Back on my feet

So a few of you might have noticed I’ve started blogging again, sorta. A few of you might also have noticed a picture I’ve posted on Facebook breaking down my week of blogging categories:

  • Adventure Monday;
  • Charity Tuesday;
  • Wednesday Writing;
  • Film Thursday;
  • Friday Findings;
  • Pixel Saturday; and
  • Sunday Musing.

Perhaps today is a good day to explain what each day is more details.

You see, Monday originated from the term “Moon Day”, falling between Sunday and Tuesday and is typically consider the first working day of the week.

I’m being facetious (yay for learning how to spell an otherwise old word).

Adventure Monday is a bit of a misleading title, but then it’s meant to be a way of talking about the “adventures of the week gone, when dragons were slain and new native civilians heavily murdered”.

The point of the 365 challenge isn’t just to let me ramble on pointlessly each day about random topics. It’s about challenging myself both in my writing abilities, and other aspects of my life I find dull, uninteresting or out right an empty void. And one such void has been my sense of adventure.

Sure, if you tell me to pack my bags and ride shotgun I’ll follow you on an adventure to the abandon nuclear falldown bunker for a bit of radioactive fishing any day, but let’s face it, that invitation never came and my fishing rod is melting from radiation.

So one such challenge is to do something, go somewhere or tackle something I haven’t done before or in a long while (a year seems a good time frame).

So Adventure Monday isn’t really about me going on an adventure every Monday, seeing as a full time job has created certain barrier to the possibilities.

Charity Tuesday is a hashtag I stole from twitter I do believe. This challenge is basically how I see the world of charity, what I make of it, and getting me to think about what I really feel I could do in this day and age in the Third Sector.

I’m hoping this will give everyone “some” sort of insight from my limited knowledge / hearsays into the world of charities, without putting myself in a compromising situation (i.e. talking about the charity I work for).

But for me, hopefully it’ll force me to research further into this sector and either find the charity I really want to work for / with; or give me enough insight to see into the feasibility of starting my own charity which I don’t seem to feel really exist yet.

Wednesday Writing is a bit of a no-brainer, both for you and for myself. This day actually differs from the others because it’s the one challenge I plan on avoiding any “planning” on.

You see, to have Adventure Monday I’d have to go on the adventure in advance; to write about charities I’d have to do my reading before writing; and same goes for pretty much everything else besides Sunday Musings.

Wednesday writing however is just that – I write a random fictional story on Wednesday from start to finish. It can be long as I can make it before clock strikes mid-night; or short as it needs to be satisfy my desire to finish the tale.

So it’s a no-brainer for me in that I’m not gonna think about it till I sit at my laptop and do my usual brain fart. Like now. Can you smell it?

Film Thursday is meant to be a movie review a week – which in turn means I have to watch at least one new film a week – something I’ve not been able to do for a while.

But let’s be realistic, after the summer blockbusters, there’s what I call the “film maker’s holiday” period. Kids are back at school, geese are migrating north, and film makers are getting ready for Christmas. So actually they’re still working hard then, but it’s the weeks prior that the lazy fuckers were doing things such as tending to their family, spending summer holidays with their kids, and undoing their bra-straps for paparazzis.

What I’m trying to say then is, I’m not gonna sink down to the level of despair watching some shitty film just to do a review for my blog when I knew from the poster or trailer that it’s a bubbly pile of shit.

So perhaps in slow weeks, I’m gonna have a go at writing about what I think of the film industry, what I think about the concept of film making and maybe some news about what to look forward to in coming weeks. Who knows… will my blog even get that far? God only know.

Friday Findings is gonna a collection of shit I’ve gathered over the week while I crawl through my 500+ weekly rss feed items where a few gems may arise.

My first attempt at this was primarily youTube videos, but the stupid blog didn’t post my entry on Facebook so chances are none of you have read it. Mind you, would you even have read this far in this blog? If you have, you can always post on my Facebook wall with “The pheasant has no agenda”. And for those of you confused, it’s one of my favourite Bill Bailey quotes.

And then come Pixel Saturday – digital representation of the “artwork” of the week gone.

I choose the word “pixel” instead of art because let’s be honest, you’re reading this over the internet on your internet available computer machine. If you’re gonna be a smart arse and print off all my Pixel Saturdays just to contradict me, I’ll papercut your eyeball to see if you can see the difference.

So that’s the pointless post of the week. Next week, I’ll blog about electricity.


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