Adventure Monday – That Stalactite Feeling

There’s something fascinating about unexplored territories. First step out of the plane at some holiday destination; stepping off the bus after missing your stop and ending up in “where the fuck am I?” territory; first foot print in fresh snow, even if you knew it’d only covered up the old prints made by that damn kid who didn’t have to go to school – at least you beat him this time.

And I suppose to me, that’s what adventures are – not the physical location as such, but the essence of pure unmarked turf in your otherwise mundane and well experienced domains.

And this is what Adventure Monday is all about. Recalling whatever the hell I did last week that I hadn’t done before, wherever I haven’t been.

This week features this green handhold on the top of the Grade 6a stalactite wall at Red Point Climbing Centre, which I marked with my chalk-less hand on a Thursday evening. Atmospheric pressure was reasonable, oxygen level was good, and sense of achievement was high.

I conquered my first 6a climbing challenge by placing it right between my thighs and squeezing hard, like a classic homoerotic scene out of a wrestling match.

And good job I did as well, otherwise it’d have been rather embarrassing having grade6a as my password for the entire week prior to said attempt. I mean, sure, a password can be a motivating tool – but also a painful reminder for when you fail.

So a bit of a lame blog entry again, no life lessons learnt, just left some sweaty mark on route to the top pretending I don’t have vertigo.



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