Wednesday Writing – Last Call

“Hi. Is this Gemma?”
“Yes, who’s this?”
“Erm… It’s John, from the curry night out.”
“Oh. Yeah, John, Vic’s friend right? Hi! What’s up?”
“Sorry if it’s a bit rude but I got your number off Vic. I er…”
“Right… Erm… That’s okay I guess. I suppose it’s done.”
“God I’m so sorry, I can delete it straight the way, I promise.”
“No, no, it’s not that big a deal. Seriously. What’s up anyway?”
“Erm… I just… wanted to er… I don’t know… erm…”
“It’s a bit much to get my number without permission to not know what to say, frankly a bit weird, John.”
“Shit… sorry. I’m just a bit… …”
“You ever get the feeling that you have to do something that completely betrays your norm, because you know you’ll always wonder what could have happened if you didn’t?”
“That’s a bit much John, we hardly spoke to each other. You barely know anything about me.”
“Wow, you’re pretty frank, aren’t you?”
“Not quite what you were expecting when you called, huh?”
“I didn’t know what to expect when I called. But hear me out.
I know I didn’t really talk to you, but I did listen, and I mean listening. I listened because I was interested in what you said, and the less I spoke, the more I could listen. And I know it’s a pretty bullshit excuse and if anything I probably sound more stalker-ish than anything right now. But it’s the truth, and I know I’m shit at this whole group mingling thing.
Point is, I listened, and I liked what I heard, and under a completely different circumstances or environment I probably could give you something to listen to, like now, but perhaps something a bit more constructive and interesting.
And the whole point of all this is, I want to do something about this, I wanna initiate something.”

“Is that all?”
“Yes, that’s kinda all. You can hang up now if you want.”
“Why now? Why over the phone? If I were you I’d get Vic to arrange another meal or something. Your declaration sounds more romantic in your head than over the phone.”
“Because, well… … This is going to sound pretty stupid and insane…”
“You’ve gone this far, worst case scenario I bar your number and file a restraining order.”
*nervous laughter*
“I’m only kidding. But you left a better first impression than your second, so you better do some rescuing.”
“Right. Well, it’s pretty selfish really… Like I said, I’m doing this because I don’t want to wonder for the rest of my life…”
“You didn’t say that exactly. But okay…”
“Well, the rest of my life is looking pretty short right now.”
“I’m kinda… dying.”
“You’re dying and you’re calling me, of whom you barely know anything about? Shouldn’t you be calling your parents and love ones?”
“I already did, and a good few of them have been calling me back non-stop, it’s been pretty hard to get through my list.”
“What exactly are you dying of?”
“Blood loss. It’s a long story, the ambulance has been sent, but I have a niggling doubt that I’ll make it.”
“Jesus John, this better be a fucking joke. Either way this is pretty twisted.”
“Can I blame it on me being a bit delusional due to my current condition?”
“It’s not funny John. Tell me straight, are you seriously dying?”
“Where are you?”
“In some woods off the road.”
“Shouldn’t you be on the phone to the police or ambulance to help them find you?”
“Well there’s that and I probably still end up dying, and there’s this just in case.”
“Jesus John… I don’t know what to say, you can’t expect me to know what to say to that!”
“Just tell me if I would have had a chance.”
“It’s hardly a fair hypothesis John.”
“Just be honest with me Gemma, forget about the circumstances. I know I wouldn’t have called you up without them, but let’s pretend this was me just asking you out on a date.”
“It’d probably be a no.”
“Hmm… fair answer.”
“But I hope you’re not dying.”
“Hardly expect you to hope for my death.”
“John, get off the phone and ring the emergency services back. Help them find you. Then we can go on a fucking date when you’re better. Just get off the fucking phone.”
“That’s a deal then.”

I wonder what my last thought would be. I better not be this. Maybe a reaction to sirens, or how the sirens would blur the possibly of them hearing me shout. Or maybe puppies and kittens. Or maybe what Gemma would wear on our first date. Is it like falling asleep? Should I keep thinking or let the peace engulf me? Should I check on my leg? I did f…


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