Friday Findings – Cracking Find

Apologies for the late entry, quantum mechanics has once again done strange things to my time space continuum, and it doesn’t seem an isolated incident.

This week, rather than youtube videos, I’ll be sharing some reading material with you, all provided by the brilliant column website

As a film buff, I’d be wrong to not start the list with some movie related articles:

And having just bought, waited, got frustrated by not being able to install Portal 2, found work around, and stayed up till 2 to finish the damn game, it’d be wrong of me not to have any game related articles as well:

And finally, a few gems for the non-movie non-gaming crowd:

Happy reading!

Other links included in this Friday Finding:


2 Responses

  1. You found a workaround? Please share! I just moved and won’t have Internet for a week. I’ll do anything to prove I own a legit purchased copy if you can help. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is searching for something like this using only an iPhone? I’m so mad at Valve for punishing legit customers in a (useless) attempt to curb piracy (and push Steam). I have no desire to play online and there’s no valid reason for forcing a net connection just to _install_ the thing. Oh, and that lovely fine print on the box does a great job of not actually warning you.

    As a bonus, if you share that workaround, I promise never to rant all over your blog again. Pinky swear! HELP!!!

  2. I’d relly appriciate an invite if you still have any. Thanks Come on

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