Squinty two eyes

Squinty two eyes

Stan, aka Guilty Victim (also responds to Drums and Squinty) is a potentially prolific blogger / writer, unleashed by the musings of Scribbleboy.

When not daydreaming about his story and film ideas, he often ponders pointless questions such as whether to call an Octopus a Hexopus if it loses two of its limbs; or standing bemused in front of the wardrobe wondering why he has a significantly greater number of left socks than right.

Good friends such as freeboprich and hellocatfood have helped him over the years with difficult to pronounce words such as crisps and appendectomy. He often blames his speech impediment upon his upbringing in Hong Kong, however it has been recently discovered that he has forgotten how to ask for a pair of chopsticks in Cantonese – his supposed native tongue. Meanwhile he still struggles with simple words such as brother and thus prefer terms such as dude or that bloke when addressing male figures. He is rumoured to have a cross-dressing evil-twin that bloke Roy who was last spotted fashioning a tinfoil hat out of depleted Quavers packets outside of Sainsburys.

Stan is fueled primarily by porridge and pasta bake (of the Loyd Grossman variety), however will pretty much devour anything that is in front of (but not behind, or beside) him. It is not recommended to dine at his house if one is intolerent to wheat based products or bad cooking. He does however have a pretty good idea of where to eat in the city that is Birmingham.

Camera-shaped mask

Camera-shaped mask

As a shy creature of the night, Stan is not comfortable in most social situations. He often sports a camera-shaped mask as his costume at parties, which upon closer inspection is in fact his camera. If you find him nodding silently to you with little to contribute to the conversation, chances are he’s just having a social anxiety attack. Fear not and carry on talking until he resumes breathing and eventually communicate verbally. To combat his socially awkward tendencies, he can often be spotted at various social meetings during weeknights where alcohol is permited, to show off his youthful looks when being IDed at rounds.

While Stan has his quiet tendencies, it would be a mistake to assume he’s incapable of causing a racket, especially when equiped with his 7A Nylon-tipped drumsticks on his Guitar Hero Drumkit. Approach with caution or one will be roped into a two hour jamming session to songs such as Toxicity, One, BYOB and Everlong.

Stan has recently made a pact with hexx0r to blog regularly, and this blog should be maintained regularly in months and hopefully years to come.

The best way to contact him is by leaving a comment below and he will get back to you as soon as possible.


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